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Regional Beef

There’s so much to love about farm-to-table foods—fresh flavors, ecological practices, and knowing that every purchase directly supports small farmers. But sourcing these products can be a challenge.

Berry Beef is a cooperative model developed by Kentucky farmers to provide chefs and institutions with a consistent supply of regionally-raised beef. We invite you to learn about our methods, taste the difference, and join our mission.

Flavor You can feel good About

Berry Beef cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives, eating a blend of grass and locally-grown grains. This produces the well-marbled cuts your customers love, while maintaining high animal welfare and environmental standards. Berry Beef is distributed exclusively through What Chefs Want ( to cities across the country.

Pasture? Always. Grain? Sometimes. Feedlots? Never.

From Our Pastures To You

Taste the difference that comes from choosing beef raised in harmony with the land. Your purchase will directly support family farms, ecological farming practices, and healthy rural communities.

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