Berry Beef: Eat With A Clean Conscience

What Chefs Want! is entering into a long-term partnership with Our Home Place Meat, an initiative of The Berry Center, with the intent of providing Henry County, Kentucky’s cattle farmers with parity pricing – a guarantee of fair payment – for the hard work of birthing, raising and harvesting the highest quality Angus cattle grown specifically for the Berry Beef line of products. Berry Beef is available to What Chefs Want! wholesale customers who want the finest pasture-raised cuts of beef for their restaurant or catering operation.

Grain-On-Grass Finished Angus Cattle
Antibiotic, Steroid, and Hormone-Free
Pasture Raised and Humanely Harvested In Henry County, Kentucky
Short Supply Chain And Nimble Turnaround
Fair Pay For Farmers
High Animal Welfare Standards

Our Home Place Meat, an initiative of The Berry Center, is offering exceptional meat to customers, ensuring stable income for small family farmers through good farming practices and a cooperative culture, and continuing the legacy of Wendell Berry’s agrarian vision.

To purchase Berry Beef for your restaurant and be part of this unique opportunity, contact Duncan Paynter from What Chefs Want! at or click the link below.

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