Grassfed Yearling Beef

Rose Beef is the product of yearling cattle raised on a natural diet of milk and Kentucky grass. The result is tender beef with a rose color and rich flavor gained from a life on pasture.

Good for the land
Good for animals
Good for all

We’re working toward a world where livestock are raised on verdant pastures. Where farmers earn a fair price for their products. And where consumers are connected to the agricultural communities that nourish them.

Rose Beef brings this vision to life by returning to a method of raising cattle that was prevalent before the encroachment of industrial livestock production. 

Under industrial systems, most young cattle are sent to spend months in crowded, unsanitary feedlots. In contrast, Rose Beef comes from pasture-raised cattle and is ASH-free (no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones). 

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From Our Pastures To You

Taste the difference that comes from choosing beef raised in harmony with the land. Your purchase will directly support family farms, ecological farming practices, and healthy rural communities.

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